What comes to mind when you hear the word LEATHER? Tough, rugged, durable and warm right? Well, let us tell you that all these characteristics may be true, depending on the skin type in question. The quality of the leather makes the difference and before you choose a leather product, be sure to choose the one that contains the above characteristics. Genuine leather is one of the most common types and is widely used in the fashion world to make leather jackets, vests, bags, wallets, purses and gloves, etc. The reason behind the popularity His is the low price because the product is made from a large number of low-quality leather layers bonded together. What is genuine leather made of? Genuine leather can create a bit of confusion with its name, which is completely different from what it really is. Genuine leather is actually made by patching together scraps of leather. These parts are bonded together to create genuine leather. Full grain leather is sanded to remove any imperfections such as stretch marks. It is then tanned for a uniform look. Genuine leather can often be mistaken for genuine leather, however, the two are completely different. Is genuine leather quality? Genuine leather as mentioned above is made from the lowest quality genuine leather. After the gluing and tanning process, it is made wearable which can make it last for a while but not as long as cowhide or genuine leather. Genuine leather is mostly used in furniture and footwear. However, if you are looking for a coat Leather that is cheaper but with the feeling of real leather, real leather should be your first choice. Is genuine leather expensive? Genuine leather comes from full or full grain leather. This is the base layer of the skin because it is split to separate it from the more reliable and durable part of the skin. Genuine leather can be a bit expensive due to the tanning and bonding process but can never be as expensive as cowhide or sheepskin. Why is genuine leather bad? The name “genuine leather” can be a little misleading. But what does it actually mean ‘not the best leather you can find’. Most people when looking for a leather jacket, want a jacket that will last a lifetime. Leather jackets are expensive and therefore a long-term investment, so you should stay away from real leather. It is the highest quality leather and not really durable. If cared for properly, it may last 5-8 years, depending on how often you wear it. What is the difference between leather and genuine leather? Genuine leather is the pure leather processed to the minimum level for tanning. In its natural form, leather can be extremely durable. Genuine leather, on the other hand, is made from extremely low quality leather bonded together. The quality of this along with the texture is nowhere near real leather.

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