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Ruined leather bag: how to fix your bags

Have you accidentally ruined your leather bag and don’t know how to fix it?

Don’t worry, because today you can count yourself lucky… in fact, I have decided to give you 11 tips on how to repair your damaged leather bag. A complete guide able to solve all the problems that a leather bag can suffer during its life. So, if you decide to read this article I guarantee you that in the end you will find the solution for you in order to make your beloved leather bag look like new. Having said that, I would say we can start… 11 ideas on how to repair a damaged leather bag Before starting, remember not to apply the following products during the repair phase of your bag: Solutions with alcohol; Chemical degreasers; Moisturizing creams; Water (if you have a suede bag). Vinegar; Hand wipes; And now, let’s see 11 ideas on how to fix a damaged leather bag: Magic Eraser: If your leather bag has any stains or scratches, use the magic eraser and apply it to the damaged area. Follow the direction of the folds: when cleaning your leather bag, it is important to follow the direction of the folds, so as not to damage it. Face cleansing milk: ideal for eliminating streaks and reviving the skin. Padding: to prevent your leather bag from losing its shape, use a padding to keep its original shape. Cow’s milk: Another way to revive the skin of your bag is to use cow’s milk, passing it all over the surface or just the damaged area, such as a stain. Soap and water: with a little soap and warm water you can eliminate the external dirt of your bag. Colored dye: if your leather bag has faded parts, apply some colored dye (the same color as your bag of course) on the faded parts and wait for the dye to dry. Shoe polish: very useful product against stubborn stains. Remember that the polish must be the same color as your bag. Odor remover: if the problem with your leather bag is bad smell, the odor remover is the ideal solution to eliminate the problem permanently (do not use odor removers based on solvents or nebulizers, they can ruin the leather). Baking soda: here is another solution to remove the bad smell from your bag. Just insert a box of baking soda inside your bag and cover it with a pillow case. The result? The baking soda will absorb all the odors in your bag within 22 hours. Gloss: If your bag needs a polish, apply some neutral polish using a cloth and apply it over the entire surface of the bag.

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