If you are looking for glasses cases, we have the best recommendation, because cases or covers made of leather are the best way to protect your glasses or glasses and thus be calm while they are stored.

Keep in mind that, whether it is sunglasses or glasses for vision correction, it is best to guarantee their protection in order to avoid replacing them and save the expense of buying new ones.

Now, you have to consider the amount of space that the case can occupy in your bag, or where you are going to store it while you move from one place to another.

Similarly, it is important to know that rigid cases are not the most recommended, because a rigid material could expose the crystals to the possibility of scratches or damage.

TUSCANY BAGS trip-lenses-case-in-leather


When choosing the material of a case to store the glasses, you have to be careful with the material it is made of, because it will come into contact with the glasses.

That is why materials with little or no aggressiveness are recommended, so that the friction between the lenses and the case does not cause damage that you could regret.

If, for example, it is a non-rigid case, but made of fabric, it is possible that the color of the fabric is transferred to the frame of the lenses if they have poor quality tinting.

In addition to having better protection and more convenience for your glasses, with a lens case made of leather, you can have more quality in terms of durability and guarantee.

This does not happen with leather cases, which also protect the lenses without putting them at risk, because it is not a rigid material.


This is because leather is a material that can last much longer than rigid materials, maintaining its properties and providing adequate protection forever.

With a leather case for glasses you don’t have to worry about the material scratching, or if it suffers wear, you won’t have to do maintenance to the case either, just clean it whenever it is necessary to do so.

So enjoy this great benefit of leather as a lens case manufacturing material.



Another benefit of leather eyeglass cases is that, thanks to the type of material, they have an appearance that fits all types of styles and occasions.

So, you can wear them to the office, to a client meeting, to lunch, to a family gathering, and they will always look good.

This is because leather is elegant, modern and casual at the same time. You just need to choose a good design and finish.

That is why we recommend that you buy handmade leather cases, because the finish is not only careful and of quality, but you can always choose a design that you can take anywhere to protect your glasses at all times.



At TUSCANY BAGS we guarantee you a good experience if you decide to buy our handmade leather eyeglass case.

It is a product made with great care, made by professionals in this type of trade, so that you will enjoy a case that will protect your lenses very well and will look good due to the extraordinary finish it has.

We also invite you to explore other products that we offer handmade.

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