It is no secret to anyone that leather never goes out of style, and this is well known to students. It is avant-garde, versatile and lasts forever, does it have something wrong?

A gift made of leather is an incredible option for today’s student, since leather will provide the style and durability that every student seeks.

There is a whole world of leather goods, and you can find many of them in the Perré online store. This article will help you discover which of these fantastic high-quality leather gifts is the perfect complement to give to a college student.

Read on and find out what you need to know before gifting a great leather product.


Leather wallets are an excellent gift for every student, especially a male student. Most men use wallets in their day to day to carry their money, documents and cards with them everywhere.

It goes without saying that the portfolio is the perfect ally for every student, as it will help them to always have their credentials and access passes that they occupy at the university, high school or any institution where they are studying at hand.

At Perré, we have an excellent wallet-type card holder that is excellent for the student.

It’s perfect for storing all your credentials and cards, plus a little cash that never hurts. You can see our option by clicking here.

Leather bags are a stylish accessory that every student will love. At Perré we have a minimalist design with a cell phone compartment. This bag is made of genuine leather and worked with the best quality.

In addition, these types of bags are not only for student life, it is an accessory that will be used to attend parties or any other type of formal or informal event that occurs throughout student life.

For many college-age students, a laptop is the most expensive purchase they have ever made in their lives to date.

Do you really want to trust any briefcase or cover to take care of your precious acquisition? Remember that the computer or tablet contains years of research, projects, articles and presentations, which can disappear after a single fall.

A leather case for a computer or tablet is strong and attractive. It will keep the computer safe if it is hit or dropped. As if that were not enough, it will also protect it from spills or scratches.

Students can be clumsy, careless, and forgetful. So when it comes to thinking of a good gift for them, you have to think about their more generalized personality traits.

Those items that protect or serve to organize your chores will undoubtedly be an excellent gift. If the ideas you saw here are not enough for you, you can check the corporate gifts section in Perré, although this section is not aimed at students, you will surely find enough ideas for them in the same way, such as a leather notebook lining

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