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Your passport is something you never want to lose. Especially if you are a frequent traveler, as you must carry your passport wherever you go.

Unfortunately, the consequence of having it with you at all times is that the probability of losing it increases by the minute.

That is why it is always good to have a reliable passport holder. and what better than a Tuscany Bags durable one made with the best leather.

For this reason, here we tell you some of the benefits of having a passport holder.

In addition to protecting your most precious document and therefore your identity, there are also other important benefits. Don’t risk losing your passport!

Many passport holders allow you to keep your documentation away from the rest of the luggage.

Some are big enough to fit the rest of your essential cards and IDs, so you can carry your passport with you at all times along with whatever you need.

This, of course, reduces the chance of theft or loss as no one is specifically looking to steal your passport.

They are looking to carry any possible valuables in your pocket, such as a purse or cash. It is always best to keep the most important things with you at all times.

The other obvious benefit of using a passport holder is that they protect the passport from general wear and tear.

When you simply pack your passport or put it in your pocket, it will be susceptible to breaking, discoloration, scratching, or even being prone to spilling liquids on it.

This becomes quite problematic at border crossings and airports. If border security cannot read your passport because it has been torn or has spilled shampoo, soda, or any other liquid, you may not be allowed to travel or access the destination country.


You can imagine a typical passport holder with a black vinyl material hanging around your neck. Not very attractive, is it? Well, in Perré we have different models that are simple and elegant.

The leather that we handle in Perré is 100% eco-friendly and we ensure the highest quality in the market, since all our articles are manufactured by certified Mexican artisans. If elegance and good bearing are your thing, without a doubt a Perré passport holder is your best option.

The benefits to the organization of having a passport holder are immense. How many times does it happen to you that when you throw your passport in your suitcase it gets lost and you end up wasting a lot of time looking for it? With a leather passport holder, you can instantly recognize where your passport is at all times, or simply store it in your pants, jacket or shirt.

Organization is everything when you travel. It is very easy to lose track of your things when you are in a new place every other day. Getting a leather passport can mitigate those problems and help you travel stress-free.

MULTI-USES A passport holder, regardless of its name, not only serves to store this precious document. For example, the models you find in Perré are multipurpose and serve to store even your credit and debit cards and even your cash.

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