The Perfect Leather Wallet By tuscany Bags

choosing leather Wallet For Every Occasion

First begin by deciding what occasion you will be using your new wallet for. Your wallet for work may be slim and sleek, while out shopping you may have a larger wallet that fits your phone, and you might want a non-leather option during active outings like water sports. In addition to a traditional wallet, you may want a business card holder for easy access to your cards without sorting through your wallet. 

The size you choose will have a lot to do with where your wallet will be placed. Wallets kept in your pocket must be small and thin, but wallets kept in your purse or laptop bag can be larger. A tri-fold wallet may feel too bulky in some pockets, and some wallets are designed specifically for suit pockets or front or back pant pockets. If you need to carry a checkbook with you, you will need a larger option. Ladies may also choose a clutch and separate coin purse. 

Finally, consider if you want a traditional black or shade of brown, or if you want a fun or bold color. Colored wallets can make a fashion statement and showcase your personality. As far as finish goes, decide if you want a matte or high gloss finish. This is a matter of personal preference as both look professional and polished. 

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